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I Have Seen the Latest Peugeot Concept Car

Last Wednesday I had to the opportunity to see the Peugeot Inception Concept car at an event hosted by What Car? – a long established monthly Car Magazine. I viewed this car in Leighton Buzzard with What Car? staff and other What Car? readers.

Concept cars are mock ups of what future cars could look like. Quite often these cars do not have an engine and occasionally they can be seen at motor shows. The Peugeot Inception Concept does have an electric engine and we were informed that the platform this concept is made from will be used on the Stellantis range of large electric cars – Peugeot is a member Stellantis. Generally, concept cars are used internally by the manufactures and they are not often seen by the general public.

As you can see by the pictures this car is very futuristic. It has a lot of glass and very small door pillars to give a good view outside. Inside it more like a living room that you have at home. The future vision for a family car is that it like a moving living room with very comfortable seats and screen to watch films and the like.

The “steering wheel” which Peugeot call a Hypersquare folds back with motors into the dashboard when the car is in autonomous mode. This means that you watch a film with the family or catch up with work on your laptop if you are on a business trip. Incidentally the Hypersquare has four round controls in it which are actuated by your thumbs. Peugeot envisage when this car is on sale that our current teenagers would be the buyers of this car and they are used to using their thumbs to operate their game consoles.

This car has the range to drive non-stop to Marseilles from Paris. As well as being electric it also has Artificial Intelligence, we were told that the car was not driven as the AI easily gets confused!

Please comment telling me on what you think of the Peugeot Inception Concept and the idea of taking you living room into your car in the future. You could also tell me what you would prefer to learn in a manual car or an automatic car?

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