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I am starting a blog about common reasons for failing the UK driving test. Here is the first one!



What You Must Do

Make effective observations before moving into a new road

Ensure that it is safe before you move off

Where it is Marked on the Driving Test Report Form

Junctions - Observations

Common Causes of this Failure

Failing to judge the speed of an approaching vehicle. The candidate moves off making that vehicle slow significantly.

Entering a roundabout with a vehicle approaching from the right. The candidate enters the roundabout making that vehicle slow down.

Making no effective observations at all. This causes an approaching vehicle to emergency brake to avoid hitting you. Or the examiner has to dual brake to prevent an accident.

Making no observations when joining a dual carriageway from a slip road. The candidate enters the dual carriageway without making any observations, or did not give way to traffic on the dual carriageway.

Going straight ahead at crossroads

When approaching the junction, candidate did not realise that it is a junction. Hence, they emerge and cross the cross roads without any effective observation.

Looking too late

When emerging from a junction the candidate looks too late (left or right) for the observations to be effective, as they are partly in the next road.

Repeatedly not looking left when turning left. This means the candidate was unaware of any parked vehicles other obstructions or other hazards


Always look right first when leaving a junction and then look left and do this several times to ensure that you see anything that is difficult to see such as a cyclist.

When approaching a roundabout imagine the roundabout as a clock face and ensure that the roundabout from twelve o’clock to half past is clear and that there is no approaching traffic in the nearest right entrance to you.

Always look right when joining a dual carriageway and ensure that you have seen everything hence you will probably have to look again.

When we are driving, we are always looking for clues. Be on the lookout for the white give way lines on both kerbs when you are driving. This can be difficult as they get very faded.

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