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Here is my Sixth Bloog on Common Causes of Rest Failure



What You Must Do

You must act correctly at traffic lights, checking that the road is clear before you proceed when the green light shows.

Where it is Marked on the Driving Test Report Form

Response to signs – Traffic Lights

Common Causes of this Failure

Failing to react to red traffic light

When a red light is clearly showing, the candidate attempted to proceed through the junction.

Stopping after the first white line when there are advanced stop lines for cyclists

At a signal-controlled junction with an advanced stop line to allow cyclists to be positioned ahead of other traffic, the candidate stopped beyond the first white line in the area for cyclists.

Not progressing when you’re waiting to turn right at a junction and it’s safe to proceed

When needing to turn right at a junction, the candidate continued to wait in the middle of the junction when the repeater light had turned red and the oncoming traffic has stopped. This causes the candidate’s car to completely block the junction controlled by traffic lights.

Not going ahead when a green light is showing and the junction ahead is clear

When a green light or a green filter light is clearly visible, the candidate continued to wait at a clear junction. Making no attempt to proceed.

Going ahead when a green light is showing but the junction is not clear

When the traffic lights are green, the candidate goes ahead, even though the junction is not clear. This then means their car then blocks the junction when the traffic lights change.


When approaching traffic lights use the Look Assess Decide Act, the LADA routine. Remember if a traffic light at a junction has been green for some time there is a strong possibility that it will turn red. An amber traffic light really means stop unless it would be unsafe to stop – probably due to a following car.

Many traffic lights have two stop lines. The one nearest to the traffic light is for the cyclist and the line furthest from the traffic light is motor vehicles.

If you have passed at the stop line when the lights were green you can turn right as the traffic in the opposite direction has stopped. This stops you blocking the junction.

As part of driving, you must concentrate. As part of the LADA routine – when the lights change to green you can proceed provided that it is safe.

You have to be aware that filter lights can and quite often are different to the traffic light controlling the road ahead. It is quite common for a green left filter light to come on when the traffic light for the road ahead is on red. Conversely a right green filter may come on when the road ahead traffic light is on read. TO avoid being caught out – if you are waiting at traffic lights to see if there are arrows on the left and right traffic lights. If you can see arrows, be prepared for them to light green but not in sequence for the traffic lights for following the road ahead. It has to be remembered not all traffic lights have filter lights.

Although the traffic lights are green you must check that it is safe to proceed again using the LADA routine.

The LADA routine is also used to establish that the junction is not clear. If the junction is blocked do not proceed although the light is green.

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