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Here is My Fourth Bloog on Common Causes of Driving Test Failure



What You Must Do

You must be able to position the car as close to the centre of the road as is safe.

Where it is Marked on the Driving Test Report Form

Junctions – turning right

Common Causes of this Failure

Positioning in the left-hand lane when turning right at a roundabout.

Using the left-hand lane and continuing in the left-hand lane when turning right at a roundabout is not appropriate as causes confusion with following vehicles.

Obstructing traffic when waiting to turn right.

When the candidate wanted to turn right into a minor road, they positioned their car too far to the left while you wait for oncoming traffic to clear. This causes severe delays to the following traffic on a road where it was wide enough for the traffic to pass you on the left. When the candidate wanted to turn right at the end of the road, they incorrectly position to the left

When the candidate reached the end of a wide road with no road markings, they positioned in the left of your lane when they were actually turning right. Also, when driving along a one-way road with two lanes they positioned in the left lane at the end of the road rather than in the right lane.


Even if the roundabout only has a single lane always approach right at the roundabout and position slightly to the right when going around the roundabout. If the roundabout has two lanes take the right-hand lane when turning right.

Unless the road is particularly narrow remember to position just the right of the centre line, this should allow enough space for cars to pass you on the inside.

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