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Here is my Eighth Blog on Common Causes of Driving Test Failure



What You Must Do

You must be able to understand and be able to react to all traffic signs.

Where it is Marked on the Driving Test Report Form

Response to Signals – Traffic Signs

Common Causes of this Failure

Going to the wrong side of a ‘keep left’ sign

The candidate drove to the wrong side of a ‘keep left’ sign in the road.

Ignoring a ‘stop’ or ‘no entry’ sign

The candidate ignored either:

· a ‘stop’ sign by crossing the line on the road and not making sure the way ahead is clear

· a ‘no entry’ sign (these are usually at the end of a one-way road, where all traffic would be heading towards you)

Driving in a bus lane

The candidate drove in a bus lane when a sign shows that you cannot use it at that time.

Choosing the wrong lane at a roundabout with clear signage

When the candidate approached a roundabout, they went into the wrong lane when a sign clearly shows which lane, they should go in. The candidate then went around the roundabout in the wrong lane.

Acting late or not at all to speed limit changes

He candidate acted far too late or not at all when a clearly visible sign shows a change of speed limit.


Driving involves a lot of concentration and we must always be careful. When approaching a hazard, you should apply the Look Assess Decide Act (LADA) routine.

If there is a continuous solid left line beside the car it means you should not cross this line to go onto this left lane. A continuous solid lane on the left means that it is most likely to be a bus lane – you must check the signs to see if you can use this lane.

When approaching a roundabout look out for the diagram showing the directions you can take on the roundabout. Also pay attention to any road markings on a roundabout – quite often they will show the way to other towns of parts of the town such s the railway station. You should follow these signs to reach the destination. Some large gyratory roundabouts are designed so that you can follow the marked lanes so that you can reach your destination.

You must always look out for road signs. Road signs that are round give orders and you must obey them. These road signs include speed limits and no entry roads. Again, the LADA regime should be used here.

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