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Accident Statistics for Hertfordshire

I have been reading the accident statistics for the UK and Hertfordshire is ranked ninth with 1,960 accidents. This compares well with Kent, the worst county for accidents, which had 3,619 accidents. As Hertfordshire is densely populated and has three motorways running through it perhaps we did not fair too badly. However, more worryingly deaths of cyclists rose from 100 to 140 from the previous figures. This is a worrying statistic - How many cyclists do you know?

Most accidents happen a junction and in areas where the speed limit is 30 mph or less. Nationally there were around 33.000 accidents at junctions and this was 29 per cent of all the accidents. What may surprise some people is that motorways or roads with a speed limit above sixty mph have fewer accidents.

So everyone lets be careful out there and be on the look out for cyclists as they are vulnerable road users.

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